QuartzCube v27 3.5

View images and video inside a cube


  • Original way to display images and video
  • Handles images and videos


  • Cube spins very slowly

Not bad
There are certain applications that don't really have much practical use or worth but which are look great.

QuartzCube would definitely fall into that category as it allows you to watch videos and images inside a cube. Why you would want to do this is another question but there ¡s no denying that it looks quite impressive. QuartzCube is a configurable, wide-angle, rotating video cube that allows you to apply different images or videos to each face of the cube.

The interface is extremely easy to use. Just click the button on the top toolbar relating to the cube face that you'd like to apply an image to. There are no controls other than the ability to pause the cube as it is spinning and change the color of the cube. While adding images or video is very quick, the speed of the cube is painfully slow. It may be that it doesn't handle images of a very high resolution very well but the fact is it just doesn't spin in a very fluid motion.

QuartzCube is an unusual way to view photos and videos although there's not much point to it and the cube spins rather slowly.

Corrected the URL in the software update message window.


  • Corrected the URL in the software update message window.


QuartzCube v27 3.5

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